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Good News!

So it seems the tides have changed in an otherwise shitty situation =o /

I was slightly concerned that any prospective new school would not be interested in interviewing and/or even considering me after talking to my school principal (see last post for details why.) However, to my surprise 3 schools want to interview me within the next 2 weeks. The only issue I'm facing is that they only are having interviews during the morning/ afternoons; therefore, it is hard to go when I am teaching during the day.

So the question is... how do I leave early from school without plainly saying I'm going for an interview for a better position?

I thought... sick day? dentist appointment? doctor's appointment? leave early b/c I don't feel well or family emergency?

I don't know? I feel bad going during the day, but all 3 schools are really nice. Plus it's really hard to get into a job around here so any interview is a good opportunity to have.

Suggestions please =)
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