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I work with the most spectacular people. I mean that in the best way possible. Some are nice. Some not so nice. Some are considerate. Most are very professional. The one I work with the most is probably the one I like the best. Not to say I don't enjoy having a break or two from her company now and then.

First day I meet her is at a county-wide paperwork extravaganza. The new teachers are all gathered in the main office, pens at the ready, with our new insurance options open to us. We go around the room introducing ourselves, saying what we teach and where we'll teach it. I see her in the front. When it's time to break for lunch I try and make conversation. She ignores me for the most part. We'll be teaching the same subject, you see so I thought it best that we meet. She had more important things on her mind, apparently.

A week or so in; we're making a syllabus. I'm typing it and she's watching me. Several times during my typing, she takes the mouse away from me and copies and pastes something using the buttons at the top of the screen. I try and tell her I can copy and paste myself, but she has a habit of talking, pausing, then starting to talk again after you've formed your reply. And she won't stop either. She'll kinda bulldoze right over you. At one point, we copy and paste something twice. She's looking for the mistake, trying to grab the mouse again.

"Wait. I know what to delete." I say, but she's bulldozing over me again. "Listen. Listen to me." I start to say.

"Fine! Delete whatever you want to, John!" Then she storms out of the room.

I learned that she really likes to be in control. She tells me later that she doesn't see her husband during the week very often. I wonder if the two are related.

At the end of the year, I write a letter to the administration detailing why she should be teacher of the year. She doesn't get it  - mostly because she teaches Spanish, and we can't give awards to people whose subject matter isn't on the CRCT. I show her the paper after the awards are announced.

"Aw thanks, John." She says. Only she says it after she says, "You used the wrong 'there' in this sentence."
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