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Office Manager from HELL

So my office manager at Scientist High* didn't register me for AP Training next week. This means that unless the situation is resolved today, I won't be attending the training. If I don't attend the training, my school can't offer AP English this year. If we don't have AP English, I know for a fact we'll lose some students, who will go to other nearby schools to get the education they want.

Her error is compounded by the fact that she told the Principal she'd done it weeks ago.

This is the latest in a long string of issues I have with this woman. Highlights:

Back in August '08, I noticed that something vital was missing from our shipment of educational materials for our textbook program. I asked her if I should call the company about it myself; she said that she had to do it. I gave her all the information--and she never followed up on it, near as I can tell.

The Senior Trip was entirely paid for by the students. I collected their fees and handed them over to her, as per policy. Over a month ago, I gave her the final invoice from Disneyland--and last night I got a semi-nasty email from Disneyland wanting to know why they haven't been paid.

She says the best way to contact her and make sure she doesn't forget things is to email her--but doing so results in very little actually being done, and in fact I've gone weeks waiting for a simple "yes or no." But if SHE wants something done, it better be done when she wants it, or you'll be on her shitlist for weeks.

The day we got back from Disneyland, one of our drivers--a teacher who, for no extra pay, drove a vanload of kids to Los Angeles and back, and only got a hotel room for his trouble--was basically bitched out for not having turned in his grades yet. Thing is, the grades weren't actually due for three more days--but she expected him to have them done, and by god, she treated him like shit.

The only reason I got reimbursed for my out-of-pocket expenses for the Senior Trip (gas for the vans, the hotel rooms for the drivers) was because I aske the Principal to get on her about it, since I could not afford to be missing that money more than a few days. She did it, but she acted as if I'd gutpunched her daughter when she handed it over. The other teacher, who didn't ask for help from the boss? STILL waiting.

And she repeatedly says that her whole reason for being is to make teachers' jobs easier.

I can't handle this woman. I'm not the only teacher who has these kinds of issues, and even the Principal has told me she's not sure she can trust her anymore. So why is she still employed? Because unions have power, and some have too much power.

I miss the old office manager. She wasn't very nice, and she thought she was the only reason the school was still in existence, but you know what? She got things done, in a timely manner and with as little fuss as possible.

*Clearly not the actual name; I'm being "discreet."
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At my first school we had "the Scottish Nazi," who ruined our lives frequently. She would only cut checks (either for reimbursement or purchase order) on Friday, no matter how early in the week you would get it to her.

My first year, I didn't receive any news (or my pay checks) during the summer months, because I had turned in my change of address form to a different secretary (and not her) on the last day of school. Then in September, she blamed it on the senile secretary who had retired.

She got the principal to pay for a near soundproof cubicle (over other school renovations). If you tried to schedule time to meet with the principal (and she didn't like you), she would leak your meeting to others in the school to cause you political strife.

Scottish Nazi -- good times.