Christie (luvtbs) wrote in schoolishell,

Why would you let a cell phone fail you

I am so mad at J that were she my child I'd have to smack her. First, let me give you some background. J began the year failing my class. After a few calls home she realized I wasn't about to let her just sink and she worked really hard to pull a 40 up to a 60 by passing her 9 week exam. She has come in for tutoring whenever she's struggled and done a really good job of keeping her D so she could pass. Her current 9 weeks average is a 68.

So, how does a cell phone play into this. She comes into 2nd block (her driver's ed study hall time) and I hear a cell phone ring. They are not allowed to have them on campus. I know who has it but I don't say anything though I give her the look to let her know I know it's her phone. In other words she needs to take my generosity and turn it off. Well, 5 minutes later it rings again. Our school has a "if you see it or hear it it's a referal" policy. Now, I've already given her a warning and she didn't heed it. When it rings again I just shake my head and she begins to argue that she'd not going to turn it in I and that I can just be evil and turn her in.

Since this is her second offense she is suspended for tomorrow, exam day. This means she has a 0 she cannot make up on her exam and will fail the course. I talked to the principal about it and told her how much I hated that she was going to fail. And while the principal agrees, she confirmed to me that it was the child's choice because I had given her a warning when I shouldn't have and she chose to ignore it.

It still sucks though that this student allowed her pride and stubborness over a cell phone to fail her after all the hard work she did.
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