mattsimon58 (mattsimon58) wrote in schoolishell,

Are there more damaged kids ever?

Is it just me or do there seem to be more “special needs” or otherwise damaged children in the system than ever before? Along with the standard learning disabilities, my school seems to be inundated with ADD, ADHD, semi-autistic and other behaviorally and mentally challenged students. I’m in the public school system, and it appears that my school is the final repository for every student who can’t hack it in other schools. Consequently, our test scores plummet, and the NCLB police come looking for some one to blame. So who gets punished? And why?
    The parents blame the teachers, the teachers blame the parents, and the students just continue to fail, sometimes spectacularly. One parent told me “There’s something in the water.”  ...Makes as much sense as anything else.
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