Christie (luvtbs) wrote in schoolishell,

I really hate grading papers after 3 days of instruction and very few show they've learned anything

I really wish there was a way to make students give a damn.

I have 22 10th graders who all just barely got out of Algebra 1A and are bound and determined not to pass Algebra 1B. They all want to gripe and complain that I'm failing them all when most of them haven't even turned in half the assignments. The sad part is this is work they ought to be doing in class but simply don't turn in on their way out.

Then there's the whole issue of their never having really learned the basics they in the needed to have in the first place. For example, the most recent topic we are tackling is factoring. The kids all threw fits that I was making them do factor trees and basically refust to write the work out and do what they need to do to ensure they really know the skill. Then they only want the short cut methods that require little writing instead of doing enough problems the long way to ensure they can effectively transfer the short cuts.

Then again, I'm just a teacher I only want them to waste paper and time doing stuff the long way because I'm trying to unteach them everything their previous teachers showed them because my secret desire is to see all of them in summer school.
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