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love takes hostages

Discipline Hell

I am teaching 2nd grade this year after teaching fourth grade for three years.  I hated teaching fourth grade.  I loved most of the kids, but I always ended up with a rowdy group with lots of emotional problems and discipline issues.  It also seemed to be a time when many kids develop attitudes and smart mouths, so that was very stressful for me. 

Anyway, I was very excited to get moved to 2nd grade this year.  I worked all summer on developing a Positive Discipline strategy to use this year.  (My school has many many discipline problems to deal with.)  Things went wonderfully the first week of school and I was so proud of them!  The principal wants to implement Positive Discipline for the whole school starting next year; she loves the idea. 

But the problem is, that since that first week of school, things have progressively gotten horrible!  I only have 15 kids in my homeroom class but ten of them have turned out to be holy terrors.  I hate to sound negative, but I'm running on empty right now.  I love teaching, but at this point nothing has worked for me when it comes to discipline and I'm starting to wonder if maybe I'm just not cut out for this.  I'm so discouraged!  I'm trying to make a difference in these kids lives (I teach at a school that has a population of very poor, often attention starved students)....I'm trying to teach respect and responsibility and honesty.  Honestly, I feel like they are just throwing it back in my face. 

I don't know what to do anymore.  I feel like quitting. 
I need some advice...any advice! 
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