Christie (luvtbs) wrote in schoolishell,

So much drama over a document camera

This summer: Went to a workshop on using teams and discovery learning. The presenter had a document camera and I fell in love with it. When a student shows all their work on paper you no longer have to waste instructional time getting them to copy their work onto an overhead or the board, just use the document camera.

Monday morning: I walk into my new classroom and fall instantly in love because there is a document camera there. I am super excited.

Monday afternoon: Ms. M walks in and introduces herself before jumping and saying I have things in my room that belong to her and she will be sending someone to get it later. I am crushed and go talk to my department chair. He tells me that the library has some and to his knowledge no one uses them so I shouldn't have a problem getting one to use in my classroom. From there I go talk to the librarian who informs me that the one in my room should be mine because the teacher before me used his instructional supply money and paid half out of pocket so it belongs to my room specifically. Still, if Ms. M wants it I need to just let her have it because she is supposedly the principal's homegirl. I am told I can come get the other this morning.

Tuesday morning: I go visit the library and the librarian checks it out to me for the year. Of course she continues to talk about Ms. M and I am seriously beginning to wonder what I've walked in on around here. Seems the librarian likes to stir stuff.

Tuesday before lunch: I hook up the document camera and notice that a prong is bent on one of the connectors. So, I walk down to Mr. V's room and ask him to help me fix it. He asks where I got one and I told him I'd checked it out from the library for the year and he begins to get huffy. I told him we could share it and when he needed it just let me know and I'd let him borrow it.

Tuesday afternoon: I have now hooked up the document camera and take the bulky box back to the library for storage. The librarian pulls me to the side and tells me that I opened my mouth to the wrong person because Mr. V is a kiss ass and will run to the principal if things aren't exactly perfect. This meaning I have to return the document camera to the library in two weeks as per library check out rules.

My solution: Screw them all. Buy my own. I can write it off on my taxes. Then I don't have to worry about anyone fussing and complaining. I've also already talked to the tech guy who has told me that. I can indeed hook up my own to the computer.
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